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The Wizards’ World by Hugo Yorck

If you find yourself familiar with the grandeur of the Hogwarts Castle and immersed in the enchanting tales of Harry Potter, if the wise words of Merlin and Gandalf resonate deeply with you, if your evenings are delightfully spent with books or movies that effortlessly transport you to realms where limitless possibilities await, and if your knowledge of spells and mythical creatures is as familiar as the back of your hand – then consider this your official invitation to step into the magical World of the Wizards, a place where your dreams come to life. Your presence has been eagerly anticipated, and now the time has come for your journey to begin.

Welcome to the Wizards’ World, a meticulously crafted program tailored for both winter and summer camps, as well as day trips or short stays designed exclusively for enthusiasts of the fantastical, with a special focus on the captivating adventures of Harry Potter. Our immersive experiences cater to various age groups: 8-10, 11-12, 13-14, and those aged 14 and above, all organized into unique "houses" reminiscent of the cherished class groups. The enchanting Wizards’ World program unfolds during both the winter and summer seasons, offering a magical journey that perfectly complements the distinctive charm of each season. Whether it's the snowy embrace of winter or the vibrant allure of summer, we're here to make your magical journey truly unforgettable.

The Wizards’ World – all for you!

living in a palace, castle, or a castle complex with a 24/7 security

food – meals prepared by the palace/castle kitchen

time filled up with workshops, classes, and epic events

tailor-made wizard’s robe

t-shirt with a seasonal print

embroidered house crest to sew yourself

wooden wand accompanied by an enchanting certificate of authenticity

traveller’s notebook – for documenting the magical adventure – and a pen

the care of the Grand Masters (counsellors) and Ambassadors (managers)

all items that you create during workshops, such as potions, clay figurines, etc.

Are you ready for journey?

The Wizards’ World – best program for all Harry Potter fans

What we do!

Workshops, classes, activities


Manual workshops – craft your own personal mini-potions with enchanting contents, complete with cork, and strap

Transfiguration Unveiled: Antarean Alterations and Their Marvelous Effects

Manual workshops – craft figurines, sculptures, or items using readily available materials like clay, paper, salt dough, and more

Mysterious Incantations

Exploration of magical incantations from wizardry literature, including the adventures of Harry Potter – compete in a tournament featuring verbal and manual challenges using wooden wands and original spells

The Creation of Oracles and Prophecies

Creative and literary workshops – invent captivating stories inspired by observations of objects and phenomena, linked to elements from the School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

The History of the Great Mages

Exploration of renowned known wizards and mages, present in fantasy literature, such as Harry Potter, Merlin, and Gandalf

In the Head of the Ring. Mineralogy and Crystallography

Presentation of the precious and semi-precious stones – their origins, occurrence, properties, and practical applications

Amity Instrumentarium

Integration workshops – usually conducted during the first couple of days of the camp, with a focus on self-presentation and boosting self-esteem by discovering participants’ strengths

Unknown Are Ways to Attest, where a Hen Shall Rest: A Glimpse into the World of Cryptography

Workshops on encryption and decryption techniques – explore various coding methods

Inscription of Ancient Runes: Mysteries Carved in Symbols

Workshops on rune inscriptions – their symbolism, origins, and meaning, drawing from the Norse Mythology and the adventures of Harry Potter

Wands. Composition and Power

Creative and manual workshops – craft a personal wand core for a wooden wand that is yours to keep, in reference to Harry Potter

The Tears of Darkness. Astronomy for the Travellers

Presentation of the star charts, constellations, and celestial objects; night workshops – stargazing, only in good weather conditions

The Secrets of the Green Planet

Ecological workshops – highlighting the benefits of environmental awareness in reference to environmental pollution, often concluded by planting trees or bushes

Pages from the Herbalist's Diary

Skill-enhancing workshops on plant and herb identification; showcasing popular herbs, their occurrence, and everyday uses, linked to elements from the School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

Creatures, Beasts, and Other Wonders

Review of fantastic beings from fantasy literature and Greek, Roman, and Slavic Mythology; coupled with creative workshops – design your original creatures and craft their behavioral and dietary traits

Bohalendy by Hugo Yorck

Logic and decision-based card game featuring characters from the Wizards’ World – aimed at developing the art of argumentation and participant interaction

The Heraldry of the Four Worlds

Presentation of the key characters from the Wizards’ World – Antares, Imerus, Semperos, and Xifãng – those names coincide with the names of the houses; coupled with sewing workshops – sew an embroidered crest to your wizard’s cloak

Integration, Dancing, Choir

Dedicated to enriching young wizards' experience, the IDC segment guarantees an abundance of dance, song, recitations, and activities such as Quidditch in summer, board games, competitions, tournaments, role-playing and outdoor games, dance parties, and more; designed to enhance stamina and foster inner calm, carving space for joyful memories…

Summer 2024 Offer already available!

After classes

Parties and entertainment in the Wizards’ World

The Wizards’ Ball – Dance, Masks, and MannersFestive dance gala with immersive music and lighting
Trivia about the Adventures of Harry Potter and His FriendsTrivia contest centered around J.K. Rowling's novels – for eager participants
A Dinner with a “Sorting Hat” Will Surely Raise Your Spirit, LadElegant formal dinner followed by a special encounter with the Sorting Hat, determining each wizard's house during their adventure in the Wizards’ World
Herald’s VoiceCompetition marrying reading, recitation, and acting – selecting those who'll read letters during meals, in reference to the Owl Post
Wizards’ TournamentsCompetitions featuring Chess Tournaments, Spellcasting Duels, and Quidditch (only in good weather conditions)
Episodes of Enchantment: Role-playing QuestsIn every camp at least two immersive role-playing quests unfold; camp counsellors and occasionally older participants assume roles from beloved fantasy universes, alongside original characters from the Four Worlds by Hugo Yorck; concurrently, campers confront introduced dilemmas and collaborate to find solutions – unearthing treasures, befriending heroes, safeguarding artifacts, and unmasking enemies of the realm